Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Institute of Art

The Royal Institute of Art is a leading art institution of higher education located in Stockholm that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Fine Arts and postgraduate studies in Architecture.

Open Lecture by Paul Feigelfeld

Revital Cohen & Tuur van Balen, H/ AlCuTaAu, 2014. Installation view    

  Skytale, Skype, Skynet Dark Clouds and Post-Paranoia In the framework of the master seminar in Art Theory on Dematerialization …

Open Lecture by Julia Voss

Julia Voss

Renowned Art Critic Julia Voss, Editor of the Visual Arts department at the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Deputy Head …

Opening of MFA Graduation Exhibition: Jonathan Terry

Jonathan Terry, Image of a 3D model cloud, 2015.

Jonathan Terry, master student year 2, shows his MFA Graduation Exhibition. The exhibition will run through 6 December 2015.

Opening of MFA Graduation Exhibition: Karin Sahlin

With Porcelain Lion, 2015. Karin Sahlin

Karin Sahlin, master student year 2, shows her MFA Graduation Exhibition. The exhibition will run through 6 December 2015.

Jim Shaw/An Artist Talks

Jim Shaw. The Domain of the Great Bear, the Academic Year 2015/16.

The practice of American artist Jim Shaw spans a wide range of both artistic media and visual imagery. Since the …

Connie Butler to lecture on the exhibition ‘Afterimage: Drawing Through Process’

Workshop at the course Direct Not Divine, 2015. Photo: Sophie Tottie, The Royal Institute of Art

On 20 November at 15:00, Chief Curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Connie Butler, will lecture on the …

Good Thinking! Open Lectures in Art History

Insertions into Ideological Circuits: Coca-Cola Project, 1970. Photo: Cildo Meireles

This semester’s Art History Course will focus on the notion of Conceptual Art. Starting in the 1960s, we will move …

‘Game Time’, part of the Magic Circle workshop in R-Lab

Peter Lang_november 2015

‘Game Time: a play on the work of Oskar Hansen’, is part of a three day play event held from the 10 …

Master’s Student Lode Kuylenstierna nominated for CPH:DOX Award

Homo Sacer. The Sacred or the Accursed Man, 2015. Lode Kuylenstierna

The best new films from the Nordic countries are nominated for CPH:DOX  Award for Nordic Documentaries. Our Master’s Student Lode …

Critical Habitats – ‘Affective Communities’

In a two-day open discussion, in the framework of the Critical Habitats course programme, writer and editor Samira Ariadad, and …

Opening Lecture by Visiting Professor Silke Otto Knapp

Eastern Point, Silke Otto-Knapp, watercolor on canvas, 2014. Photo: Silke Otto-Knapp

The painter Silke Otto-Knapp gives a lecture on her practice. Silke Otto-Knapp lives in Los Angeles where she is Assistant Professor for Painting …

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