Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Artist Talk: David Horvitz


Monday, 24th of October at 17:30-19:00, David Horvitz will be at the Royal Institute of Art to give an artist talk on his work as part of Lisa Tan’s professor group, where he will do a workshop with the students. He is also invited as the external guest for Gabriel Säll’s MA examination that is open for the public on October 26th, at 5pm.

The image for this announcement is from Horvitz’s piece Mood Disorder, an artist book generated out of his experiment to see how a single image propagates across the Internet. The project began when he uploaded an image of himself holding his head in his hands to the Wikipedia page for ‘mood disorder’—and resulted in Wikipedia banning him as an editor. Horvitz’s work uses generosity and sneakiness as methods to address such things as authorship, public space, and sociality. His work reconfigures the way we perceive our relationships with each other, with natural phenomena, and with our spoons.

David Horvitz was born in Los Angeles, and currently works in Los Angeles and New York. He has recently exhibited at MoMA, New York; the New Museum, New York; Chert, Berlin; Yvon Lambert Librarie, Paris; and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles. Recent publications include Mood Disorder, co-published by New Documents, Motto, and Chert; Stolen Spoons, published by Pork Salad Press; Sad, Depressed, People, published by New Documents; and Watercolors, self published with Natalie Häusler. For Frieze Projects in 2016 he hired a pickpocket who put sculptures of mating seahorses into the pockets of unsuspecting visitors.

Monday, 24 October at 17:30-19:00 
The Royal Institute of Art, Lecture Room, 4th Floor
Students, faculty, staff and the public are all welcome to the talk.