Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Architectural Conservation

( 60 ECTS Credits )


Slussen, Stockholm. Photo: Lars Epstein

Photo: Lars Epstein


2016/17: Future Issues

The course for 2016/17 is examining the very frontline of architectural conservation. What do we need to address going forward? Architecture in the future will be a matter of transformation and critical restoration. 70% of all architectural projects are dealing with what is already built. Competency in Architectural Conservation is therefore key in the future development of our built environment and societies.


Level: Post-Master
Requirements: MA in architecture or another relevant field, minimum one year’s professional experience.
ECTS Credits: 60
Programme Length: 1 year, part-time, divided into concentrated work periods at the RIA alternating with independent studies
Teaching Language: Swedish. Parts of the course in English.

The course credits can be used toward a PhD degree. It is directed primarily at architects, but also at restorers, urban planners, engineers, curators and others specialised in heritage issues. The course is multidisciplinary in order to stimulate an active discussion between different professions.

Course Structure

The course is divided into concentrated work periods at the school alternating with independent studies. It is organised in six professionalization blocks with theory, lectures, group work and workshops. Group work is part of the course, which includes on-site studies, documentation, examination, 3D laser scanning, analysis on different scale levels and conservation studies.

In addition to the course instructors, a large number of Swedish and international guest teachers participate in the lectures and seminars. There are trips within Sweden and abroad during the one-year course. These trips are partly financed by the students themselves. Students who are unable to take part in the trips are given alternative assignments. The course is given in Swedish. Parts of the course are given in English.

The course is run by the professor in architectural conservation, architect Kerstin Barup and senior lecturer/architect Cecilia Sagrén. If you have questions about the course, please contact

Finance, Fees and Accommodation

Admission and tuition fees apply for students from countries outside the EU/EEA. The tuition fee at the Royal Institute of Art is 300 000 SEK per academic year 2016/2017 and the admission fee is 900 SEK. International students who have been accepted to a study programme in Sweden must show financial means of support during study time to the immigration authorities in order to obtain a study visa. Read more about fees

If you have problems in finding accommodation, you can get assistance through these sites, created by international students in Stockholm: Moving2Stockholm and Easy Rental (Download the Easy Rental android app).


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