Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Project Studies
for Professional Artists

( 60 ECTS Credits )

Project studies in Fine Arts are part of the RIA’s selection of postgraduate courses. The course is geared towards professional artists, who will be provided with the opportunity to devote an academic year to an individually designed artistic project.

NB! On this admission occasion it is only possible to apply for the autumn semester 2017 (30 ECTS credits). Please think of adjusting the project idea in the application, so that the project will be feasible in one semester.

A new admission occasion will take place in autumn 2017, last application date 1 November, that will be for the spring and autumn semester 2018 (60 ECTS credits).


Level: Postgraduate
Requirements: Open to professional artists with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or equivalent.
ECTS Credits: 60
Programme Length: 1 academic year
Teaching Language: Swedish/ English depending on the participant

The project year provides an opportunity for professional artists to carry out an independent artistic project in a self-chosen area. In addition to working with their own project, the aim of the course is to develop the skills necessary to address advanced artistic problems in a creative way. The artist will be challenged explore their artistic process and formulate new sets of questions through their practice.

The project course comprises these areas of study:

Interactive Systems and Printmaking will not be given in autumn 2017, due to the recent fire.


The study area Video, which includes Sound, is open for artists with previous experience who wish to deepen their knowledge as well as to artists who wish to learn the basics. The activities span from experimental video and video installation to performance among others. The course includes theoretical as well as technical segments.


In the study area Glass it is possible to work with various cold techniques. The applicant can at the start of the semester choose to participate in a basic course in flat-glass techniques and oven-casting. It is also possible to apply with a self-defined project in glass. No previous knowledge in glass is required.



In the study area Sculpture applications with innovative projects are prioritised. Previous knowledge is required. The workshop offers numerous opportunities for preparing and experimenting with three-dimensional objects. It is possible to work with materials such as Jesmonite, silicone, polymeric materials, plaster, wax, alginate, etc.


3D-lab gives possibilities to develop artistic projects related to interdisciplinary practices within this platform. Advanced equipment and professional software give opportunities for experimenting in various techniques such as 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D printing and 3D scanning. Professional artist with documented experience within this area are welcome to apply with a project.

About the studies

Project course students work alongside students from different programmes and courses, which fosters an environment of exchange of experience, knowledge and critique. The workshop teachers are available with their technical and artistic expertise.

The practical work with your own project is combined with courses in theory, supervising discussions and seminars. You can also participate in regular lectures in art history which run throughout the year.

At the end of your project year you will have the opportunity to participate in the Institute’s spring exhibition. This does not apply to students of autumn 2016, since that course in only one semester instead of a full year. Project students have access to a workshop place, but not a studio.

Finance, Fees and Accommodation

Admission and tuition fees apply for students from countries outside the EU/EEA.  The tuition fee at the RIA is 307 000 SEK per academic year, and the admission fee is 900 SEK. International students who have been accepted to a study programme in Sweden must show financial means of support during study time to the immigration authorities in order to obtain a study visa. Read more about fees here

If you have problems in finding accommodation, you can get assistance through these sites, created by international students in Stockholm: Moving2Stockholm and Easy Rental (here you can download the Easy Rental android app).