Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden


Esther Ericsson

Lecturer in Fine Art specialising in digital 3D-techniques

Susan Philipsz

Guest Professor

Stefanie Hessler

Guest Curator, Critical Studies, conducts the forum Rutiga golvet

Alessandro Petti

Professor in Architecture and Social Justice

Lars Hammarström

Lecturer in fine art specializing in sculpture. Head of area: Sculplure and spatial strategies

Peter Geschwind

Peter Geschwind

Professor of Fine Art specializing in Sculpture

Lina Selander

Foto: Göteborg Konsthall

Guest professor Fine Art

Annika Eriksson

Guest Professor Fine Art

Carl Johan Erikson

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art within the area of Digital Media and Photograhy

Cecilia Sagrén

Senior Lecturer in Architecture, specialising in Architectural Conservation

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