Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden


Faculty at the Royal Institute of Art can be found according to different ‘areas’ of practice, production, and research. The RIA endorses communities of learning that bring together people interested and experienced in common problems, techniques, modes of production and fields of practice.

The areas are transversal to the RIA’s diverse study programmes and do not correspond to academic departments by which students are associated with in their practice, but rather articulate faculty according to shared infrastructures, workspaces and artistic practices. Students are encouraged to interact with faculty and workshops across all areas.

Area of Critical Studies

Clegg & Guttmann, The Open Library

An area that fosters artistic practice partnered with research and critical inquiry. In line with conceptual frameworks of artistic production, …

Area of Sculpture and
Spatial Strategies

An area that encourages the development of a proficiency in three dimensional processes taking into account the expanded spatial temporal …

Area of New Media
and New Genres

Photo: Åsa Andersson Broms

New Media and New Genres includes directions in performance, installation, projected image, moving image, video, film, sound and emerging interdisciplinary …

Area of Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography

An area that fosters the widest range of inquiry and investigation into two dimensional art forms and encourages a diversity …

Area of Architecture

The area of architecture and urban research investigates ongoing societal changes. The area focuses on the capacity of architecture to …