Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Galleri Mejan

Galleri Mejan, Royal Institute of Art, spring 2012. Photo: Petter Lehto

Galleri Mejan, spring 2012. Photo: Petter Lehto

Galleri Mejan is an experimental art space run by the Royal Institute of Art for the benefit of its students. The gallery exhibits the Master Degree Solo Shows in fine arts. As part of their course, students are responsible for montage and installation of their own exhibitions. A critical seminar, led by the student’s supervisor, is held in conjunction with each exhibition.

Opening hours

Monday–Friday 12:00–18:00
Saturday–Sunday 12:00–17:00


Exercisplan 3, Skeppsholmen
(Next to Moderna Museet)

Examination Exhibitions with MFA Students,
the Academic Year 2016/17

Exhibition Openings are on Fridays at 17.00-21.00

16-25 September: Magnus Brodby and  Andreas Nur

14-23 October: Alice Söderlund and Isak Anshelm

28 October – 6 November : Gabriel Säll and Diana Agunbiabe-Kolawole

11-20 November: Elizabeth Rogers and Johan Berglund

25 November – 4 December: Militza Monteverde and Pelerin Brodrej

9-18 December: Petra Hultman and Josefina Malmegård

10-19 February: Theresa Taore Dahlberg and Ar Parmacek

24 February  – 5 March: Oskar Hult and Susanna Jablonski

10-19 March: Inez Jönsson and Markus Bowie

24 March – 2 April: Susan Whitlow and Rebecca Digby

7-16 April: Ronja-Kim Pedersen and Ludmila Hraconova

21 April – 7 May: Rosamunde Dora Brüsch and Lode Kuykenstierna