Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness:


Roberto N Peyre, Critical Suspension, 2016

With the participation of Johannes Anyuru, Ylva Habel, Hamid Khan, Rudy Loewe and Ailin Moaf Mirlashari.

As follow-up of the Tensta Konsthall’s symposium Fuel to the Fire by Natasha Sadr Haghighian on 12 January 2017, 17:00–21:30pm, the MLCW course participants propose a symposium where poetry, media and critical theory, black feminism, tokenism, surveillance and control resistance, activism and contemporary art will be performed, discussed and challenged, by applying the methods developed since September 2016 by MLCW.


9:00 welcome with coffee, tea, cinnamon rolls and fruits
9:30–10:00 MLCW morning introduction. Who are we? What is this symposium about?, by Joana Gil, Alice Maselnikova, Malin Ståhl and Hiroko Tschimoto
10:00–10:45 Ylva Habel, introduced by Malin Neuman
10:45–11:00 comments and questions to Ylva Habel
11:00–11:45 Hamid Khan, introduced by Donatella Bernardi
11:45–12:00 comments and questions to Hamid Khan

12:00–13:00 lunch break (school cafeteria in the main building)


13:00–13:15 MLCW afternoon. What was discussed during the morning? What will be at stake next?, by Cecilia Enberg, Hinni Huttunen, Rune Rasmussen and Louise Stiernström
13:15–14:00 Ailin Moaf Mirlashari, introduced by Roberto N Peyre
14:00–14:15 comments and questions to Ailin Moaf Mirlashari
14:15–15:00 Johannes Anyuru, introduced by Alba Baeza
15:00–15:15 comments and questions to Johannes Anyuru

15:15–15:45 break, tea, coffee, chocolate, fruits

15:45–16:30 Rudy Loewe, introduced by Natalia Rebelo
16:30–16:45 comments and questions to Rudy Loewe
16:45–17:15 comments and questions to all the participants
17:15–17:30 working groups towards the conclusion(s) of the day
17:30–18:00 MLCW conclusion of the day, by Caroline Biström, Mourad Kouri and Minna Miettilä

When: 13 January 2017, 09:00–18:00
Where: Royal Institute of Art, Skeppsholmen. Hus 28
Free and open to the public