Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Open Lecture by Lena Brüggemann


Auflösung\Neuordnung, 2015 Exhibition at D21 Kunstraum Leipzig. Photo: Michael Moser. Exhibition view: Michael Bell Smith – De-employed, Sophie Aigner – Geilwut, Martin Kohut –Easy Peas, Daniel Pauselius – Relativzeit

A DIY Guide to Your Own Art Space – The Leipzig Example
Lecture on artistic self organisation

In these days the number of spaces of artistic self-organisation is growing steadily in many cities. These spaces enable creative artists and cultural workers to present art and do cultural work beyond established institutions and systems of consumption. Today, it seems, there is a special need for self-management as cultural agents find themselves successively in an environment of blurred lines between culture and economic forces, a predicament that entails economic interests at one side and the claim for artistic independence on the other. Taking Leipzig as an example we look at organisational forms of artistic self organisation.

Lena Brüggemann works as an artist, curator and artistic director of D21 Kunstraum Leipzig, Germany. Traversing her work are experimental set-ups of media and mediation, questioning its logics, rules, in- and exclusions. As for example with the radio series ‘on radio’ (2009–2011), an exhibition space for artworks within and about the medium radio. And ‘Taking Site!’ (2013 at 5533 Istanbul and a parallel live-stream at D21 Kunstraum Leipzig) in regard to site and remote viewing.

At D21 Kunstraum her program focuses on international contemporary art that critically explores current issues that are rarely presented in Leipzig. Aiming to create a space that encourages experimentation and offers frameworks for exchange she curates a variety of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and screenings throughout the year.

When: 7 December 15:00-17:00
Where: Royal Institute of Art, Skeppsholmen. Lecture hall, 4th floor