Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Open Lecture by Salla Tykkä

My work always has a strong but a non-direct connection to my own life. From early on during my studies I chose to work with film and moving image much due to the immaterial nature of the medium. In my first 35mm film productions (Lasso, 2000; Thriller, 2001; Cave, 2003), I returned to memories, to the traces and impressions left by some of the films that I had seen in my youth. Especially in my childhood, such after-images of films and television series blended in my mind with reality, and I still feel that they significantly shaped my identity and notions of the world.

When studying art from 1995 to 2000, I came to understand the influence of the moving image when looking at my own past, and I think this is why I wanted my works to tell mainly about the psychological power of film and was seeking for immersive effect in my work. During the years my works have changed formally: I have used cinematic means in order not to immerse but to distance the viewer and started to use language in my moving image productions (Giant, 2014; Retrospective, 2015).  Despite these formal changes the process of making art has been much the same since I began my studies: there are images that keep appearing again and again in my mind, and I try to understand and analyse why this happens.


Salla Tykkä is a visual artist who works with film and video since 1996. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 2003 and participated in the Venice Biennale 2001.

Her latest solo exhibitions include: M-Museum, Leuven, 2016; Galerie Anhava, Helsinki, 2015; Turku Art Museum, Turku, 2015 and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, 2013. She has participated in numerous group shows in museums and public institutions among others: Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg 2015; MAXXI, Rome 2014; The Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast 2013; Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, 2013; Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, 2012.  Tykkä’s films have been shown at international film festivals like: 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 2014; 8th Miami International Film Festival, 2009; 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2007; 21st Brest European Short Film Festival, 2006; Tribeca Film Festival, New York, 2003; International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 2003 and 2002. Her short film Giant won the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Film at the 43rd International Rotterdam Film Festival 2014.

When: 12 December, 13:00 
Where: Royal Institute of Art, Skeppsholmen. Lecture hall, 4th floor