Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden


The Royal Institute of Art periodically hosts externally funded artistic research projects. Applications are made to national funding bodies such as the
Swedish Research Council.

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Björn Larsson &
Carl Johan Erikson

Researchers (2017-2019) Refuse to Kill – Stories of the Conscientious Objectors Refuse to Kill – Stories of the Conscientious Objectors …

Work a work

Karin Hansson (Project Leader), Åsa Andersson Broms, Shiva Anoushirvani, Per Hasselberg, George Kentros, Nils Claesson Researchers (2017-2019) In the interdisciplinary art …

Mara Lee

Researcher (2017-2019) Loving Others, Othering Love: A Toolbox for Postcolonial and Feminist Artistic Practices The artistic research project intends to examine …

Ellie Ga

The Drift Card from The Deck of Tara © Ellie Ga

Researcher (2014-2017) Message in a Bottle: Drift and Discovery ‘How can the message in a bottle be used to explore …