Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Institute of Art receives extra 5 millions for research

Reach, Grasp, Move, Position, Apply Force, Kajsa Dahlberg, 2015

Royal Institute of Art is one of the Art Academies that in the governments budget bill for 2018 receives extra research grants. These extra 5 millions will give the Art Institute grants for research and research education for a total of 11 millions per year until 2020.

– We are in an important phase of development of the Institute where Art Research will play an important part, and these extra grants will therefor be very welcome, says Sara Arrhenius, Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Institute of Art. Now we are able to really seize and evolve our Research Strategy and formulate a unique direction for the research of the Royal Institute of Art.

The research environment at the Royal Institute of Art is focusing on art, the conditions of artistic production and contemporary challenges for an artistic practice within and outside of the Art World and the field of Architecture.

At the Institute artistic research and development projects are conducted, projects by doctoral candidates and externally financed research projects. Ongoing research activities includes a wide range of subjects, approaches and methods which are amongst other activities, presented during the annual public Research Week.

Current research projects at the Royal Institute of Art

Four projects financed by the Swedish Research Council and led by: Ellie Ga, Björn Larsson och Carl Johan Erikson, Mara Lee, Karin Hansson och Åsa Andersson Broms, Shiva Anoushirvani, Nils Claesson, Per Hasselberg samt George Kentros.

Five doctoral students in collaboration with Lund University whereof two is financed by Uniarts: Emanuel Almborg, Kajsa Dahlberg, Melanie Gilligan, Oscar Lara och Olivia Plender.

Also 10 internally financed two year artistic research and development projects.