Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Students with special needs

Students with disabilities are welcome to contact Programme administrator Kajsa Fogelberg,, for information about how to adapt their study environment. Students with dyslexia or reading disability have access to talking books from the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM. The Institute will apply for a user account, which will provide the student with the possibility of ordering talking books. The librarian will help students to order literature which has not been recorded.

The Institute strives to make all facilities available for all students. Students with disabilities should be able to pursue their studies on equal terms with other students. The Institute has a student studio specially adapted for students with physical disabilities. Before the start of the academic year, new students will be asked to provide information about special requirements and adaptations of their studios due to disabilities.

For information about issues related to disability adaptation of the physical environment, please contact Programme administrator Kajsa Fogelberg who coordinates this issue together with the Director of Facilities and Building Management Peter Jansson.

Contact person for student accessibility: Kajsa Fogelberg