Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Research Week 2017

23-29 January
Royal Institute of Art, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

RIA Research Week 2017 booklet
Design: Andrejs Ljunggren and Gabriel Kanulf

The sixth edition of the Royal Institute of Art’s Research Week includes presentations from the BA, MA and PhD level, senior researchers funded by the Swedish Research Council, faculty members’ research activities as well as international speakers and institutional collaborations. The broad constellation of practice and thought of Research Week bridges practical, transdisciplinary, theoretical and philosophical aspects of contemporary art and architecture with particular interests; and brings to the fore the continuously evolving nature of “research” as a necessarily open category.

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The two-day international conference, ‘What is a Mask?’ curated by visiting professor Catherine Malabou, forms a separate part of Research Week and is made in close cooperation with the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University London. The conference interrogates the symbolic value of one of the most ancient objects, present in all cultures, and polymorphous in its functions. Hiding and revealing an identity, face covering or face transforming, delusional and authentic, alienating and emancipatory, a warfare or a protective device… All these contradictory characteristics place the mask at the heart of the most urgent political, legal, artistic and philosophical questioning. Participants in the conference are artists, ethnographers, musicologists, philosophers from different nationalities and cultures. The conference is an extension of this year’s course ‘Philosophy in the Context of Art’, devoted to the issue of symbols and whose students will also present work.

Overall, the public week-long Research Week encompasses over 30 presentations on wide-ranging topics allowing connections between artistic production, architecture, critical studies, philosophy and society at large. RIA also hosts an Open House during which student studios and technical workshops can be visited, as well as information being given about all the educational programmes. 

Download the full programme for RIA Research Week 2017.

23 January

09.30-11.00 in House 28: Philosophy Breakfast – Literature and the Brain with Catherine Malabou & Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson (UKON). Moderator: Mara Lee. Pre-registration is required with:

13.00-16.45 in House 28: Visual Languages and Questions of Representation, shared seminar with Royal Institute of Art and Stockholm University of the Arts – presentations and discussions by: Katarina Nitsch (KKH), Lina Persson (SKH), Stacey Sacks (SKH), Michelle Teran (Trondheim Academy of Fine Art). Moderator: Göran Dahlberg (editor, Glänta). Introduction: Ellen Røed (SKH)

17.00 in Galleri Mejan: Opening with performance Angel, I will never be like you by Carla Garlaschi (18.00); Dysfunctional Comedy – A scripted panel discussion with: Hilde Retzlaff, Jimmy Offesson, Christofer Degrer, Ehab Aljaby, Rebecca Digby, Falko Erichsen, Malin Norberg and Olav Westphalen (19.00). Participants in the exhibition: Louise Blad, Carl Johan Erikson & Björn Larsson, Maryam Fanni+Elof Hellström+Sarah Kim, Carla Garlaschi, Goldin+Senneby, Jan Matsson, Lucia Pagano & Igor Pisuk, Olivia Plender, Paula Urbano, Olav Westphalen.

17.00 in the main building: Opening BA, year 1 Fine Art. Performance 17.30 Malin Norberg – Bonnie Horseface. Also in the main building: Materiality (KU 2016) by Henrik Ekesiöö, Annette  Felleson, Peter Geschwind, Lars Hammarström, Göran Svenborn; and Point of View – map project by the course Critical Habitats.


24 January

09.30-11.30 in House 28: Wanting Difference – seminar with course participants from Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness & lecture Acting Difference – Priming of the Diverse by Samira Ariadad.

11.30-12.00 in House 28: About the research platform Re-(sign) Architecture med Peter Lang (KKH) & Daniel Urey (Cultural Planning Strategist).

13.00-16.30 Library: DiVA drop-in – Librarian Annakarin Lindberg will provide advice on how to register artistic works/research outputs.

13.00-14.00 Galleri Mejan: Collect the (un)connected and (re) connect the uncollected (KU 2015): presentation and conversation with Paula Urbano and Pia Laskar.

14.10-15.10 House 28: Site-specificity and the Dissolution of Site (KU 2015): presentation and conversation with Jan Matsson and Gunnar Olsson. Moderator: Sigrid Sandström.

15.00-18.00 RIA Open House – see separate programme. Eugene Sundelius von Rosen – performance: förskolan arborariet 1, Loop 15.00-18.00. in Black Box.

15.00-19.00 in Galleri Mejan: Come-and-go! – Practical workshop with Carla Garlaschi & Olivia Berkowicz: the making of decorations to the Quinceañera-party 27 January in Galleri Mejan. 


25 January

10.00-11.30 in House 28: Presentation of new research project funded by the Swedish Research Council – Work a work including Karin Hansson (project leader), Åsa Andersson-Broms, Shiva Anoushirvani, Nils Claesson, Per Hasselberg, George Kentros.

13.00-13.45 in House 28: Presentation of new research project funded by the Swedish Research Council – Refuse to Kill, Stories of the Conscientious Objectors with Björn Larsson & Carl Johan Erikson.

14.00-14.45 in House 28: Presentation and short performance lecture – new research project funded by the Swedish Research Council: Loving Others, Othering Love: A Toolbox for Postcolonial and Feminist Artistic Practices with Mara Lee.

15.00-16.00 in House 28: Many Maids Make Much Noise – seminar with PhD candidate Olivia Plender.

16.10-17.10 in House 28: (Some) Legendary Lesbians (KU 2015) – presentation by Louise Blad and conversation partner Anna Giertz.

17.20-18.50 in House 28: Million/Mirror (KU 2015) – seminar with Maryam Fanni, Elof Hellström, Sarah Kim, and the guests: Meira Ahmemulic & Mahmoud Keshavarz.


26 January & 27 January

International conference curated by Catherine Malabou: What is a Mask? Pre-registration is required (limited seats) for the conference to See separate programme.


27 January

17.30-24.00 in Galleri Mejan: Quinceañera: You’ll never bathe in the same river twice – party, with Carla Garlaschi & reggaeton artist Talisto. Curator: Olivia Berkowicz. Pre-registration is required to:

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