Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Artistic Development Projects

The Royal Institute of Art has during its history engaged with different forms of artistic development. The aim is to experiment with the processes and possibilities for artistic formation and articulation that exist within, between and beyond fine art, architecture and conservation architecture.

The artistic development projects contribute to the educational programmes at the school through exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures and seminars. Projects are undertaken by faculty and students on a postgraduate level.

‘Site-specificity and
the Dissolution of the Site’

Mobiler i Vitabergsparken, augusti 2015.

Project leader: Jan Matsson (2015-) ‘Through the use of a mobile studio (caravan/camper van) I will examine the relationship between …

‘(Some) Legendary Lesbians’

© Louise Blad

Project leader: Louise Blad (2015-) ‘(Some) Legendary Lesbians is an interdisciplinary performance and a printed matter that studies the life …

‘Counting Wolves’

Project leader: Lucia Pagano, Co-applicant: Igor Pisuk (2015-) ‘Counting Wolves, is an artistic research project aiming to explore alternative narrative …

‘Collect the (un)connected
and (re)connect the uncollected’

© Paula Urbano

Project leader: Paula Urbano (2015-) ‘I want to investigate the construction and the narratives of cultural identity on a scientific …


Project leader: Sarah Kim Co-applicants: Maryam Fanni, Elof Hellström (2015-) ‘Million/Mirror is an anthology project that compiles a variety of …

‘Of Means and Ends’

'Sylvia Pankhurst Protesting', Olivia Plender, 2014, pencil on paper

Project leader: Olivia Plender (2015-) ‘Of Means and Ends is a ’trigger film’ about the neglected history of political activist …

‘Prosthesis, Metaphor and the Obsolete Body’

© Giorgio Giusti and Hedda Viå

Project leader: Hedda Viå, Co-applicant: Giorgio Giusti (2014-) ‘Prosthesis, Metaphor and The Obsolete Body examines representations of the economy of …

‘Telenovela: Hijacking and Autonomy in the Neo Baroque World’

© Carla Garlaschi

Project leader: Carla Garlaschi (2015-) ‘The project consists in the realization of a romance novel and a telenovela (Soap Opera) …

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