Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

PhD Programme

The 100% practice-based doctoral studies consist of independent artistic research for the duration of four academic years. The main focus is the realisation of the artistic research project in dialogue with supervisors, the remaining credits correspond to obligatory and elective course components.

In Sweden PhD studies are undertaken in the form of funded full-time employment. RIA does not currently offer any PhD positions.

Ana Džokić

(Dis)assembled project at Röda Sten, Gothenburg, summer 2011 © STEALTH.unlimited

(PhD Candidate 2011-) Practices of the Essential In-Between ‘Practices of the Essential In-Between starts from the conviction that in a …

Oscar Lara

Oscar Lara, Mining Life

(PhD candidate 2016-) Engaging for a Revolutionary Future On times of an apparent unwanted but inevitable globalisation the appetite for producing …

Kajsa Dahlberg

Kajsa Dahlberg

(PhD Candidate 2016-) Chronic Features – on the materiality and theatricality of time This artistic research project is invested in rethinking …

Olivia Plender

Beyond Former Heaven - Part One, Physical, video still. Olivia Plender in collaboration with programme participants. Banff Centre, Canada 2010.

(PhD Candidate 2012-) Society is a Workshop ‘What happens when we collapse boundaries between the artist and audience, reconfiguring the …

Melanie Gilligan

Melanie Gilligan, from The Common Sense, 2014, HD video, 15 episodes.

(PhD Candidate 2014-) Mind of We ‘Mind of We is an artistic interrogation into what collectivity is today by developing its …

Emanuel Almborg

Archive image, Unknown photographer, The Zagorsk School, 1960s.

(PhD Candidate 2014-) The Utopian Image – Absolute and Incomplete The Conditions of a Utopian Function in Art and Artist-Film …

Donatella Bernardi

Donatella Bernardi, Tribute to Bridget Riley, 2014 Wall painting, in collaboration with Abed, Houran and Khaled Sheikh Ahmad. Helvetic Zebra curated by Donatella Bernardi, STATION, Beirut. Photo: George Zouein

(PhD Candidate 2014-) Arts Festivals as a Global Cultural Product ‘What is an event? What is a becoming event? What …

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