Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Studies in Fine Arts

Fine Arts studies at the Royal Institute of Art encourage critical thinking and practical experimentation with different artistic media and techniques. Students become familiarised and confident in reflexively working between and outside conventional frameworks of contemporary art production.

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The dynamic learning environment at the RIA involves a combination of mixed-year collective discussion and group critiques, individualised work in the studios and workshops, as well as practical and theoretical workshops, courses, seminars, public lectures and study trips. Exhibition making is an integral part of the education; students have the opportunity of exhibiting their work in the gallery of the RIA throughout different stages of their studies.

Students have access to excellent workshops led by highly skilled faculty in a range of fields, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, interactive systems, photography, digital media and video. All students are provided with a studio space for the full duration of their respective programmes.

Five-Year Programme
in Fine Arts

Joanna Nordin. MA final exhibition May-June 2015. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

The Five-Year programme fosters independent artistic work equipped to reflect on and expand the boundaries of contemporary art production. Students in …

Master Programme
in Fine Arts

Hedda Viå, Working Inspired Tutorial, Master Exhibition at Galleri Mejan, the Academic Year 2014/15. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.
Hedda Viå. Master Exhibition at Galleri Mejan, the Academic Year 2014/15. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

The MFA programme at the Royal Institute of Art focuses on the development of an independent and reflexive artistic work …

Modernist Legacies
and Constructions
of Whiteness

Donatella Bernardi, Fabrics, Åhlens store, Kungsholmen, Stockholm, 26 May 2013

Art and curatorial practices, human sciences, theory and activism, are brought into a single pedagogical structure to engage critically with modernism and whiteness. Segregation, race, capital, eating disorder, nervousness, experience of migration and adoption: what to do within the art field, this symbolic and yet highly powerful sphere of representation?

Project Studies
for Professional Artists

Project studies in Fine Arts are part of the RIA’s selection of postgraduate courses. The course is geared towards professional artists, …

Studies in Fine Arts for
Visiting and Exchange Students

Students from schools that the RIA has an exchange agreement with can apply for an exchange period ranging from 3 months …

Elective Courses

These are the elective courses for students admitted to the Royal Institute of Art The Course Catalogue Autumn 2016

Philosophy in
the Context of Art

Neuron from a human retina cell, drawing by early neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal

    ‘Philosophy in the Context of Art’ is a postgraduate course exploring the artistic significance of philosophical ideas. The …

Mejan Residents

Clockwise order starting from left top corner: Rani Nair: Future Memory Joanna Zawieja/Andjeas Ejiksson: VÄNTRUM 13–22 MAJ 2014, 30 000 SEK + MOMS, Carolina Hellsgård: Thunder in My Heart Stephanie Misa: We, Islands

‘Mejan Residents’ (60 ECTS credits) offer the opportunity to develop post-master level artistic research projects during one academic year. The studies are …

The Photographic Artist’s Book:
Capture and Disseminate

‘The Photographic Artist’s Book’ is a one-year full-time postgraduate course primarily for professional practitioners in the fields of art and …