Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden


Sigrid Sandström

Professor of Fine Art, specialising in Painting (On leave)

Torun Hammar

Guest Professor of Art Restoration

Sophie Tottie

Professor in Fine Arts specializing in painting / drawing

Petra Bauer

Professor in Visual Art with an emphasis on the Moving Image

Peter Geschwind

Peter Geschwind

Professor of Fine Art specializing in Sculpture

Thomas Elovsson

Foto: Södertörn Högskola

Guest Professor Fine Art

Lina Selander

Foto: Göteborg Konsthall

Guest professor Fine Art

Annika Eriksson

Guest Professor Fine Art

Lisa Tan

Guest Professor in Fine Art

Asier Mendizabal

Foto: Etxepare Basque

Professor Fine Art, sculpture, installation Commences his employment in the fall of 2017

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