Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Board of Directors

The board is appointed by the Ministry of Education for the period May 1 2017 – April 30 2020:

Designer Tom Hedqvist
Managing Director Ewa Kumlin (chairman)
Culture consultant Annika Levin
Publisher Lawen Mohtadi
Managing Director Lars Nittve
Professor Cecilia Sjöholm
Director general Joakim Stymne
Fund Director  Mats Wallenius

Before May 1 2017 teacher- and student representatives will be appointed by the School as well as representatives from the labour union.

Vice-Chancellor Sara Arrhenius is part of the board.


This is the the outgoing board:

Aron Skoog, student representative
Berit Svedberg (chairman)
Carl Johan Eriksson, teacher representative
Cecilia Sjöholm, councillor
David Neuman, councillor
Göran Svenborn, ST-ATF
Katarina Nitsch, Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Kerstin Barup, teacher representative
Mara Lee Gerdén, councillor
Mats Wallenius, councillor
Ozan Sunar, councillor
Per Josefsson, councillor
Peter Geschwind, acting Vice-Chancellor
Petra Hultman, student representative
Sigrid Sandström, teacher representative
Tom Hedqvist, councillor
Ulrika Rosengren Gustafsson, SACO-S
Virlani Rupini, student representative