Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

The Art Institute acquires new extended premises and launches a new platform

Foto: Tony Webster

Mindepartementet at Skeppsholmen with its approximately 500 square meters  will from the fall host a completely new platform for moving images, photography and sound at the Art Institute. These new premises enables the possibility of developing a new educational model for the Institute.

The Mindepartementet will act as a completely new satellite for the Institute’s existing premises at Skeppsholmen.

I’ve been having a dialogue with Mindepartementet since this summer and am very glad that we’ve so quickly have found a solution that enables us with short notice to start up our business in the facilities. This is going to be an important place for pursuing the development of moving images, photography and sound, says Sara Arrhenius, Vice-Chancellor at the Royal Institute of Art.

The new platform for moving images, photography and sound will be located here and the Institute will at the same time develop the education by more closely combine the workshops with the teaching. The ambition is eventually to create a cluster within the field of moving images, photography and sound that engages and involves other parties outside of the Institute. One of the driving forces from the Institute will be Petra Bauer, professor in Visual Art with an emphasis on the Moving Image, at the Royal Institute of Art.

I’m so pleased about this solution for our premises that will enable exciting and relevant opportunities for us. With the facilities in Mindepartementet we can now offer a possibility to foster the way in which technology and the use of artistic methods can grow freely and develop linked to a pedagogic structure and critical discurs, says Sara Arrhenius, Vice-Chancellor at the Royal Institute of Art.

The Art Institute has as a result of the takeover of Mindepartementet and the rearrangement of the existing facilities in the Main Building, Kasern lll at Skeppsolmen, started to regain the area of facilities that was lost in the fire of the Grafikhuset in the fall of 2016.

The Art Institute will immediately commence a move from the Main Building for the concerned departments that expects to be completed by Christmas. The premises on the east side of Skeppsholmen today hosts the Photographic Art Gallery, Mindepartementet Art & Photography, which now will leave the facilities.