Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden


The Royal Institute of Art fosters an emerging research environment focusing on art, the conditions for art production, and the contemporary challenges for such a practice within and beyond the art world.

The Royal Institute of Art hosts artistic research and development projects. They include artistic development projects, PhD studies, Mejan Residents, and externally funded research projects.

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Ongoing research activities include a very diverse range of topics, approaches and methodologies. Research processes are made public through a diversity of formats including exhibitions, film screenings, performances, conferences and publications.

The RIA endorses reflexive practice-based artistic research – where knowledge is forged through dialogues between ideas and matter, site and audience – capable of illuminating diverse aspects of human experience in multiple and unexpected ways.

The RIA is intensifying its activities connected with artistic research and artistic development projects, as well as their relevance within the bachelor and master level programmes.

Artistic Research and Development Projects

Map on the Politics of Space

The Royal Institute of Art has during its history engaged with different forms of artistic research and development work. The …


The Royal Institute of Art periodically hosts externally funded artistic research projects. Applications are made to national funding bodies such as the Swedish Research …


Emma Kihl, ’A film from Skutskär Pulp Mill’ (2010-2012)

External Research Funding: For those who are interested in a potential collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art (such as …

PhD Programme

Zero Magic Box presented at Simon Goldin (framework Goldin+Senneby) PhD defense 12 May 2016.

The 100% practice-based doctoral studies consist of independent artistic research for the duration of four academic years. The main focus …

Research Events

Institutional Partners

PhD Exchange seminar - Professor Peter Osborne and PhD Candidates from Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University London, visiting the Royal Institute of Art, April 2015. Photo: Åsa Andersson

The Royal Institute of Art has formed research-related collaborations with these institutions: Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University London (2015-2017) …