Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

The Glossary of the Event

Project leader: Frida Sandström. Co-applicants: Cara Tolmie and by Aleksei Borisionok (2017-)

‘The project aims to investigate the historic and contemporary status of the notion “event” as it occurs in politics, journalism, economy, software engineering, performance practice and fiction. With the format of a reading circle, we approach the notion through collective investigations, where we invite specific participants or visit certain contexts of interest to the topic. With the help of seven terms – repetition, rupture, score, rehearsal, ritual, monument and mourning – the project will discuss contemporary performative theories and political history and philosophy of the event as well as its mediation within contemporary capitalist economies.’

Material Fatigue – Norbergfestival 2017

Making Practice Social – Artist’s Talks

KP Transmission, Norbergfestivalen 2017, Photo: Vlads Brăteanu

Cara Tolmie, The Glossary of the Event