Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

The 2017 residency in Abisko ends with a seminar February 16

Foto: Sebastian Rudolph Jensen

RIA has for five years collaborated with the Abisko Scientific Research Station through a residency. Right now there are ongoing debates in the academic art world to define the criteria for the emerging field of artistic research, both in dialogue with and contrary to the established areas of scientific research (in natural as well as in the social sciences). 

The residence work has been focused on drawing attention to and critically examining a number of assumptions that we tend to make about the art, science and ourselves. 

Thursday, February 16, the Polar Research Secretariat and RIA welcomed the public to a concluding seminar on art, landscape and science. Presentations were held by the Students-in-residence, Keith Larson, Climate Impacts Research Centre, Umeå University and the artists Ellie Ga, Mats Bigert and curator Nadim Samman.

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These are the students who has been participating:
Diana Agunbiade – Kolawole,  Sebastian Rudolph Jensen, Karon Nilzen Jonsson,  Adrian Olas, Anna Pajak och Fiona Rafferty.

This cooperation was initiated 2012 and is operated by the Professors of Fine Art Olav Westphalen and Sigrid Sandström.

Abisko 2017, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Rescue Blanket for Kebnekaijse, Bigert and Bergström, 2016