Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden


The workshops of the Royal Institute of Art provide students with the opportunity to expand their artistic practice by experimenting with different techniques in painting, sculpture, printmaking, wood, glass, metal work, photography, digital media and video, as well as interactive media and 3D. Students are free to choose which technique or combination of techniques they would like to work with and explore. 

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Workshops offer professional individualised guidance by lecturers and teachers, as well as introductory courses on techniques and materials. With the students’ artistic practice as a point of departure, students and teachers work together to realise experiments, sketches, models, projects, and produce art objects. Visiting artists are also invited to take advantage of the excellent facilities and technical knowledge to develop collaborative projects involving the students.

Audio and Video Suites

Ar Parmacek, Student in Fine Art (2015).
Ar Parmacek, Student in Fine Art (2015).

The Audio and Video Suites cater to the requirements of art students in the fields of moving image and sound. …

Printmaking Workshops

After a fire at our facilities at Grafikhuset in the autumn 2016 we’re not able to offer the same possibilities …

Interactive Media Systems Lab

Peter Geschwind, Slow Motion, 2011, Physical animation with light. View of the animation construction in the room, Gävle Konstcentrum, Sweden. Curated by Anna Livion.

The interactive media systems laboratory provides individual supervision giving students the opportunity to develop their own applications and system solutions, …

The Painting Studio

The Painting Studio. Linnea Rygaard and Axel Versteegh. Photo: Anne Joki Jakobsson

Painting embraces a broad field that touches on most of the visual arts. Despite this, there are basic principles for the …

Digital Media and
Photography Labs

Digital media is an experimental field that encourages the development of new ideas and modes of expression. An understanding of …

Sculpture Workshops

Cajsa von Zeipel, Pretty Vacant Photo: Lars Hammarström

The sculpture department offers tuition in a variety of techniques. It is responsible for the following workshops: large sculpture workshop, …