Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Digital Media and
Photography Labs

Digital media is an experimental field that encourages the development of new ideas and modes of expression. An understanding of digital image processing is central to working with photography. Regardless of whether the image is intended to be published on the Internet, in a printed publication or be shown at an exhibition, knowledge of digital techniques is important.

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The Royal Institute of Art provides students with access to sophisticated equipment such as 3D scanners, photo-scanners and printers able to print on various kinds of materials. The workshops are equipped with professional software for 2D image treatment, 3D modelling and multimedia applications. Students can also experiment using various WWW techniques (Web Art, etc.) and interactive sculpture (Robotics).

Photography workshops

Photography is an elemental technique within contemporary artistic practices, it is also a fundamental tool for observational, descriptive and documentation …

Media / Art in Public Domains

This study area connects physical realities with digital networks. Internet-related media provides possibilities to develop artistic projects related to the …

Digital Darkrooms: Digital Reproduction Technologies

The digital darkrooms provide possibilities to pursue a workflow from scanning/digital image file to print-ready PDFs for books or mounted …