Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Media / Art in Public Domains

This study area connects physical realities with digital networks. Internet-related media provides possibilities to develop artistic projects related to the media and interdisciplinary artistic practices. Work focused on the public domain and 3D is carried out in collaboration with the 3D Lab, which has developed a platform for integrated art. The study area includes designing traditional websites and projects related to boundary-transgressing techniques and narration.

For the areas internet-related media, interactive techniques and 3D, the Royal Institute of Art provides access to advanced equipment and professional software for 2D and 3D, such as web, image processing, modelling, animation and printing (three-dimensional print-outs). Together, these areas provide the conditions for a cross-medial platform for artistic expressions.


Courses are offered in Dreamweaver and WordPress.

Apart from the basic courses offered, students are encouraged to create their own web projects for which supervision is available.

Software and Computers

Teaching staff

Åsa Andersson Broms Senior Lecturer in Fine Art