Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Printmaking Workshops

After a fire at our facilities at Grafikhuset in the autumn 2016 we’re not able to offer the same possibilities as before in our different printmaking workshops. At the moment we have made different solutions and collaborations regarding printmaking.

If you have any questions on current education in printmaking, please contact educating staff, or for more info.


The printmaking workshops offer the most comprehensive and advanced learning environment in graphic art available on a tertiary level in Sweden. There are four fully equipped workshops: etching, lithography, screen-printing and relief printing. There is also a paper workshop and a small bookbinding workshop.

The workshops offer outstanding working conditions with excellent ventilation and environmentally friendly working routines.

Screen Printing Workshop

Screen printing is a technique suitable both for artistic and industrial printing, as the same printing method can be used …

Intaglio Workshop

  In the intaglio workshop students can work with a range of intaglio techniques including copper plate, which is the …

Lithography Workshop

  In the lithography workshop, students work with planographic techniques, stone and plate lithography as well as monotypes, printed with …

Letterpress and Bookbinding Workshop

Letterpress is the printing of relief materials (movable types made of lead or wood, woodcuts, metal relief plates or photopolymer …