Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

The Glass Workshop

The Glass Workshop. Photo: Ulrika Rosengren

The Glass Workshop. Photo: Ulrika Rosengren

The Glass workshop offers opportunities to work in various cold glass techniques, such as cold glass casting for three-dimensional glass objects, flat glass techniques including lead glass and glass painting, as well as newer techniques such as fusing, bending, slumping, sandblasting, screen printing and flame work.


The glass workshop is available to all students who can either take part in foundation courses or request personal supervision for their own particular project using glass. In certain years the workshop has been granted funds for research projects into areas such as neon, plasma, light and lampworking.

The workshop accepts three project students each year who spend one or two terms working on a glass project of their own design. This means that the glass workshop is in a constant state of development.

Teaching Staff

Ulrika Rosengren Gustafsson, Lecturer in Fine Art with specialization in Glass